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Complete Motorcycle Wash System.

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RS1 Bike Wash Pro is a fast-acting, biodegradable cleaner. Special anti-corrosion additives ensure protection of all metal parts. The highly concentrated formula effectively removes mud, sand, tar, grease and other dirt from plastic, metal and sprayed or painted surfaces. The product is suitable for motorcycles, scooters and bicycles. Does not affect rubber and plastic. Leaves a brilliant shine.


Directions for usage RS1 Bike Wash Pro:
First, thoroughly rinse the bike with clean water. Then, spray the entire bike with RS1 Bike Wash Pro. Leave the RS1 Bike Wash Pro to soak in for approx. 1 minute and wash the bike with a wash mitt. Rinse the bike thoroughly with clean water and wipe the bike dry with a lint-free textile cloth. Please note: Do not apply RS1 Bike Wash Pro in direct sunlight or on hot engine parts.


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